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As members of the DeKalb Area Rental Association, we recognize our duty to the public and the close working relationship needed between an apartment resident and the owner or manager. We are aware of the increasing role of the rental housing industry in providing affordable homes in our community. In order to provide the rental housing public with quality service based upon high standards of honesty and integrity, we do hereby bind ourselves with each and every member, together and alone to:

  1. Promote, employ and maintain a high standard of integrity in the performance of all rental obligations and services in the operation of our apartment communities.
  2. Maintain and operate our rental properties in accordance with fair and honorable standards of competition, ever mindful of the purposes of the DeKalb Area Rental Association and in compliance with the by-laws thereof.
  3. Strive continually to promote the education and fraternity of our membership and to promote the progress and dignity of the rental housing industry in creating a better image of itself in order that the public may be better served.
  4. Seek to provide better values, so that an even greater share of the public may enjoy the many benefits of living in rental housing.
  5. Establish high ethical standards of conduct within the rental housing industry in the business relationships between the owners, managers and suppliers of products and services to the industry.
  6. Maintain our properties to at least the minimum property standards of the appropriate governmental authority.
  7. Provide to the public a convenient means of contacting the individual in charge of a particular rental property.
  8. Ensure that every qualified individual, regardless of the individuals’ race, color, religion, gender, disability, familial status or national origin, in full compliance with Fair Housing Laws, is afforded the same opportunity to rent and enjoy the benefits of a rental unit.