Apartment Safety Tips

Presented by your Landlord, a member of the DeKalb Area Rental Association, Apartment safety tips may seem like common sense, but careless mistakes and overlooking the basics can jeopardize your safety.

safety_sign[1]1. Lock Your Door
This is one of the most important safety tips. Most burglars are looking for the easiest opportunity. Chain locks offer little protection and cheap locks can be disabled easily. Be sure the deadbolt is in good working order. If management allows you to change locks, be certain that the management has a key, so they may gain access into your apartment if needed. Never leave your apartment door unlocked, even while taking out the trash. Someone could be waiting for an open door opportunity.

2. Peepholes
Use the peephole before you open your apartment door to anyone, even when expecting someone.

3. Leave the light on
Leave a light on for safety, especially when you know you will be coming home after dark. Use a compact fluorescent bulb to reduce utility bills.

4. Get to Know Your Neighbors
Get a buddy system going with a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on each others homes. You can look out for each other. In an emergency, strangers in your apartment complex may ignore you out of fear, but if they know you, chances are they will open the door or at least try to get some help. Know who belongs on the property.

5. Report When Lights are Out
As a general rule apartment complex properties are well lit up at night. If you notice that a light is out, notify management. A well lit are is the best way to prevent vandalism.

6. Mailboxes & Newspapers
Only put your first initial and full last name on the mailbox. Bring in your newspaper daily. Never allow them to accumulate as it gives the impression of an absent tenant.

7. Schedule Maintenance with Management
Have the property management teal contact you for maintenance issues or repairs. An unscheduled maintenance call could lead to danger. Verify with the property management or utility company when approached regarding “emergency” repairs.

8. Building Security
Do not prop outside doors open for any reason. If you find one propped open close it and secure it. Immediately report any building security problems to the apartment manager. Be aware of the shrubbery; have management or maintenance keep the bushes and shrubbery trimmed especially by entrances and exits.

9. Sliding Glass Door
Keep a long handle/long stick in the track of the sliding glass doors. This will help deter a break-in.

10. Grilling
Grill only in designated spaces; at least 25 feet away from the building on the ground and never on the balcony. Never leave your grill unattended. Never use gasoline to start a grill. Carefully extinguish flames after use.

Building Watch

Sponsored by the DeKalb Area Rental Association
Download the Building Watch brochure here: 

Download “Building Watch Program” DARA-Building-Watch1.pdf – Downloaded 370 times – 206 KB

Our Building Watch Program is a variation of the DeKalb Neighborhood Watch Program which was established by the DeKalb Police Department several years ago.

Building Watch takes the initiative to establish a community of vigilance and caring in your own building.

It is a proactive measure in an effort to keep your neighborhood and building safe through voluntary participation. It is meant to dovetail with the various Neighborhood Watches which are operating in some sections of local communities.

Building Watch

Featuring Det. Angel Reyes of the DeKalb Police Department
DeKalb County Housing Authority
310 N 6th Street, DeKalb, IL

Building Watch is presently being established in DeKalb. If you do not as of yet, have an operating Building Watch in your building, and wish to help do so, please contact our coordinators for information.

Jennifer Yochem 815-739-0584                                             Jean Meier 815-757-8638